Doing Terrible

I’ve lost 7 out of the last 8 fantasy matches I’ve played at Fantasy Sports Live. Man do I suck!

Last night I played a $5, 10 man $800K cap and placed 9th! I really screwed up taking Rondo from the Celtics. He was cheap but only got me 15 fantasy points. I looked to see if anyone else had a really low scorer and the next closest was 21 fantasy points. Nowitzki also screwed me. He was pretty expensive and only earned 22 fantasy points. I should of taken Iverson who had a huge game with 58 fantasy points. Another good pick would of been C. Butler with 43 fantasy points.

Tonight I’m in a $5.50, heads up no cap match. Team is below:
A. Iverson
B. Roy
J. Johnson
D. Nowitzki
J. Howard
C. Anthony
M. Camby

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports have many things in common with the usual season long fantasy leagues but there are some key differences. My experience with daily fantasy sports is based on my playing for cash at Fantasy Sports Live.

Like the name implies, matches only last for a day. If I play in a $5 fantasy basketball match tonight, I will have either lost that $5 or won by the end of the last game played tonight. Say you play in a daily fantasy football contest for Sunday; you won’t be able to use players from the Thursday or Monday night games. The only players available to you will be the ones playing on Sunday.

At Fantasy Sports Live once you join a contest you pick your team right away. You do not have to wait for other owners to make their picks. Unlike season long leagues, multiple owners can have the same players. For example if I’m in a $5.5 heads up fantasy football match I could have Brady, Moss, and Owens on my team and my opponent could have those exact three players. When there is a point cap or salary cap you will see some overlap of players. In the no cap leagues there will obviously be a lot more overlap since everyone can take the best players and not worry about their cost in points or salary.

Daily fantasy sports at Fantasy Sports Live allow you to play in three types of contests. Salary cap, point cap, or no cap matches. In season long leagues players take turns drafting and thus do not deal with these caps.

There is more skill and variables to look at in daily fantasy sports. Since contests are going off every day, you need to be up on the latest news and really look at player match ups. Lets say you find out a starting defensive end gets hurt and now a rookie will be covering a star receiver. With daily fantasy sports you can use that knowledge to easily get that star receiver on your team. In season long leagues you would have to hope for a trade.

There is a lot more action with daily fantasy sports and the skilled fantasy player can enjoy a big edge on his opponents. If you do have an edge, you can easily play int tons of cash matches everyday as explained in profiting from daily fantasy sports.

Andrei Kirilenko - Inconsistent Player

I was hesitant to take Andrei Kirilenko last night but I did anyways. He ended up having a really week game with 6 points, 6 assists, 3 rebounds, 3 blocks, and 3 turnovers. Those stats work out to only 16 fantasy points. I used 25 points to buy him so he was a terrible deal. This is my second bad experience picking Kirilenko for a daily fantasy basketball match at Fantasy Sports Live.  I will never take him again, he is just way to inconsistent.

It seems too risky to take an inconsistent player in daily fantasy basketball.  Yea they might have a big game every once in awhile but when they have an off game; you’ll have no chance at winning.  Last night I ended up in 3rd place largely due to Kirilenko’s poor performance.

Fantasy Basketball Play for Tuesday

Fantasy basketball value plays are key and my pick today is Beno Udrih from Sacramento.  He only costs 10 points and is averaging 22 fantasy points in his last 5 games!

Carlos Boozer came back from his ankle injury and put up 50 fantasy points.  I’m buying him for 40 points and banking on another solid performance.   I usually would take LeBron James today but it doesn’t look like he will play due to his injury.   My other forwards are Jefferson from the Nets and Kirilenko from Utah.  I had a bad experience last time I took Kirilenko which made me shy away from him but his last two games have been strong and for 25 points he seems like a good buy.

I’m not to keen on my team for tonight so I’m only play $1, 6 man 220 point match.  My team is:

K. Bryant
M. Redd
B. Udrih
C. Boozer
R. Jefferson
A. Kirilenko
C. Kaman

Fantasy Basketball Sleepers

I’ve found that finding fantasy basketball sleepers at Fantasy Sports Live is the difference between winning and losing. The following two sleepers have been having huge games and only cost 10 points.

Antonio Daniels
Is doing it really big right now. Since November 17th, he has been averaging about 35 minutes a game and putting up consistent numbers. The last 5 games he has averaged 10 points, 7 assists, 4 rebounds, .5 steals, and 2.5 turn overs. These stats ad up to about 20 fantasy points per game. He is still selling for only 10 points at Fantasy Sports Live. As long as his cost stays under 15 points, I think he is a good pick.

Jamario Moon
Has been started playing more minutes since November 18th and a lot of people have still not picked up on him. His last five games he is averaging near 38 minutes and scoring 10.5 points, 1 assist, 10 rebounds, 2.5 blocks, 1.5 steals, and 1 turnover. This all ads up to about 24 fantasy points. From the looks of things it seems he should remain a consistent performer. I’ll keep buying him as long as his cost is under 15 points.