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Dominate week 11 Fantasy Football

A friend has really been doing really good with his football picks at Fantasy Sports Live . So I went with all his picks this week. I’m in 5 contests for a total of $19.50. I’m banking on his picks doing well so I can get back in the positive. I had to manipulate a […]

Sucking it up

I’ve been doing bad in my daily fantasy basketball matches.  I’ve played 8 matches and I’m down $3.50.   I guess I need to do more research and come up with a new game plan.
My current plan was to find one or two really cheap players who should at least earn me their point value back. […]

Research Week 11 Fantasy Football

Only two basketball games went off Thursday night. I only played a $1, 6 team, 210 point cap contest. I didn’t do much research and ended up in last place with only 191 points. 4 out of the 6 people took Manu Ginobili who had a big game with 43 fantasy points. My weak team […]