Lebron James gets 64 Fantasy Points

Lebron was a big part in me turning  a profit on Wednesday night.  Boozer and Lebron combined for 106 of my total 225 fantasy points.  The only guy that hurt me was Fred Jones from the Knicks. The previous night he got lots of minutes since Marbury and Richardson were out and he netted 30 fantasy point. I bought him thinking he was  steal for only 10 points. Unfortanely Marbury and Richardson came back and Jones got 20 minutes and only got me 7 fantasy points. My team for Wednesday night is below. The salary cap was 200 points.

G C. Paul NOH 31
G F. Jones NYK 7
G A. Iverson DEN 32
F L. Aldridge POR 23
F C. Boozer UTA 42
F L. James CLE 64
C S. Dalembert PHI 2

For 225 total fantasy points.

I ended up netting $8.50 for the night. I tied in my $5.50 heads up match. If only Jones got one more point.

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