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Fantasy Basketball Picks for 11-20-07

Tonight I’m in 4 fantasy basketball contests.
*$1, 6 man 220 point cap
*$5.50, Heads Up 210 point cap
*$5.50, Heads Up no cap
*$10, 6 man 200 point cap
My value play is B. Udrih from Sacramento. He only costs 10 poins and is now starting and is averaging around 20 fantasy points a game. Getting […]

Pick it up Aldridge and Kidd!

I can’t believe how bad LaMarcus Aldridge and Jason Kid did last night. Aldridge has consistently got me 25 to 30 fantasy points every game. Last night he got into foul trouble early and only played for twenty minutes getting him a whole 6 fantasy points! I should of realized he can’t […]

Quick Change

A friend called me after seeing my picks and noticed I didn’t max out the salary cap. I only used 190 points when 200 points are available. He made a good point that while Boozer is overvalued at 40 points but he’ll pretty much guarantee me 30 fantasy points. I’ll I had to do […]